Have some DNSCrypt because thanks S.J.Res. 34

I honestly don't know why we ever
stopped using tables...
What's going on now?

S.J.Res. 34 passed both the Senate and House March 2017. This is a bill removing restrictions preventing ISPs from selling your private Internet history. Did I mention that both the House and Senate voted to remove privacy protections? Thanks guys, glad you got my back. Jerks.

So we've setup a DNSCrypt DNS resolver that you may use to encrypt your DNS traffic, thus hiding it from your ISP. You can find installation instructions for setting up DNSCrypt here.

What's also neat is that OpenWRT supports DNSCrypt, so you could possibly configure it on your home wireless router and protect your whole house. See here.

Our server information

Configure DNSCrypt to use the following:

ProviderName    2.dnscrypt-cert.devnoopsctl.com
ProviderKey     7685:36B2:B56B:CBD6:67C3:D0CC:D0DF:0E21:A424:D14E:E401:0412:3C7D:98F5:B0A9:38F7

The right to personal privacy is important. Therefore we do not log DNS queries.


Please send some fat stacks to help cover the costs of maintaining the server:

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Nudes: devnoopsctl@gmail.com